WETT Certified Inspections

What is WETT?

WETT stands for Wood Energy Technology Transfer and is an industry leading organization dedicated to the training of people for the purpose of advancing the safe use of wood burning fireplaces and appliances.  A WETT inspection encompasses any wood-burning appliance such as a stove or fireplace. WETT promotes the safe and effective use of wood-burning systems in Canada;   therefore as a WETT certified inspector you are assured that you are getting someone who has completed WETT’s extensive training in understanding and applying the codes regulating the installation and use of wood burning units.

Why do I need a WETT Inspection?

If you own a wood stove,  chances are at some point you will probably be asked for a WETT inspection by your insurance company as part of your policy or any of several institutions such as the fire department (if there was a fire involving the wood burning unit),  or as part of a real estate transaction. The people who have requested a WETT inspection do so because they understand the level of training and thoroughness of inspection that is expected from a WETT certified inspector. The thoroughness of the inspection that the requester is seeking should be conveyed in a manner that shows not only the areas of compliance, the areas of non compliance but also the areas that, for legitimate reasons, could not be inspected. A WETT inspection may also be required for insurance or pre-purchase of a home that has a wood burning stove or fireplace to ensure the safety and the adherence to building standards.. We offer inspection of any wood burning system compliant with WETT standards, through our certified WETT inspector, Ryan Arnold.  At the completion of the inspection he will present you with a professional written report in a PDF format that includes  pictures which will satisfy the requirements of any insurance company.

But my wood stove is already certified

The organization that certified your wood burning appliance only certifies that the appliance was built to certain  standards that if installed correctly would be safe to use assuming of course it is operated in a safe manor.  However this certification does not assume that the unit was installed properly.  That’s where the WETT inspection comes into play.

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