WETT Certified Inspections

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What is WETT?

WETT stands for Wood Energy Technology Transfer.  It is the standard for the safe and effective use of wood-burning systems in Canada.  This includes any wood burning unit such as a wood stove, fireplace, central heat and/or boiler system. When you hire a WETT certified inspector, you can be confident that you are getting someone who has completed WETT’s extensive training.  This means they understand the codes and regulations of the installation and proper use of all wood burning units.

Why do I need a WETT Inspection?

Wood heat is certainly cozy but it can also be a fire hazard that can threaten your family’s safety if not installed correctly. A WETT Inspection by a qualified inspector will give you peace of mind that your system is installed and operating within safety standards. Our WETT inspector (Ryan) will also give you tips on how to properly maintain your system to ensure you and your family are protected. A proper inspection will give you peace of mind knowing you are operating within safety standards.  As a result, you can sleep better at night knowing your family and investment is protected.

Your home insurance company may require a WETT Inspection

A WETT inspection is often required for home insurance of any residential property that employs a wood burning unit.  It can also be required for a pre-purchase of a home that has a wood burning stove, central heating unit or fireplace to ensure the safety and the adherence to building standards.

If you own a wood stove,  chances are at some point you will probably be asked for a WETT inspection by your insurance company. It is often required as an integral part of your home insurance policy. In addition, if there was a fire involving the wood burning unit, any of several institutions such as the police or fire department may request to see the document.  It has even been known to be a required part of a real estate transaction.

An insurance company requests a WETT inspection because they trust the thoroughness of a certified inspector.

But my wood stove is already certified

The organization that certified your wood burning appliance only certifies that the appliance was built to certain standards.  The certification on the wood stove does not assume that the unit was installed properly and therefore safe to use.  This is where the WETT inspection comes into play.

Why Choose us?

We offer inspection of any wood burning system to ensure they are compliant with WETT standards.  On completion, we will present you with a written report that will satisfy the requirements of any insurance company. You will also sleep better at night knowing the inspection was done correctly.

We are also available 7 days a week for your convenience.

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**** Please note that our price is for inspection only.  We do not service or repair.


WETT Wood Energy Technology Transfer